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atlbike Weather page

It is interesting to see the weather patterns for the CONUS (Continental US) and how these patterns are driven by troughs in the jet stream.  Looking at the video screen shot with the time lapse satellite infra-red image (center) you can see the jet stream driving cold polar air into the south. [click the video below]
Current atlbike weather page.

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Note: click image below for a larger detailed view

Weather Maps: Composite (current), Time Lapse Infra-Red, 300mb jet stream.

Weather Maps

Weather Maps

Setting Windows XP default web/HTTP mail for IE and Firefox

I finally got tired of having the default web link on my old reliable XP (no-weirdness) home PC being set to windows mail , yuck.  Turns out, not as easy as I had hoped to find the “simple” solution for changing the default mail links.  Gmail has a nice notifier widget, not so with Hotmail, which I wanted for my default mail. Plus, I wanted to change it globally on the system.

You can find the gmail notifier here:

Poking around the web I found several very arcane solutions.. really???  Having to attack the registry didn’t make sense to me.  Of course there was an easier way, finally found it here:

Note: click images to enlarge for viewing.

Setting the Hotmail Default mail client.

Setting the Hotmail Default mail client.

Turns out, that you can get to this option window from the XP Control Panel or the IE Tools > Internet Options > Programs. Set Email option to: Windows Live Hotmail.

Once this was set on the Microsoft side of the house, where I really wanted this feature was Firefox… now it showed as an option:

Firefox Mail default setting.

Firefox Mail default setting.

Tools > Options > Applications > Mailto

Select: Use Microsoft HTTP Mail Simple MAPI


Honshu, should they have seen it coming?

I’m from Southern California, and lived most of my life in the San Fernando Valley.
I’ve been through a few quakes.
Being an engineer, I have a passing interest in these seismic events. Today I went to the USGS site and extracted the earthquake event data from 3/6-3/13. Of course most of the data was dominated by Honshu after shocks. In all there were 561 events over this period, I greped the data for Honshu, resulting in 385 of the data points.
What was I looking for? Simple,  I was looking for pre-quake events.

What I found:
There were 36 seismic events > 4.6 that preceded the 3/11 5:46AM 8.9 mega-quake. This swarm started with a 7.2 event on 3/9 2:45AM.


Honshu Seismic Events 3/9-3/13

Did they think that the 7.2 pre-quake was a rogue event? Followed by after shocks?
Or, was it a signal of more to come?
Sadly, I guess we know the answer now.

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