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Spin Bike Gear

All spin bikes use SPD compatible cleats.
I prefer MTB or Touring shoes so you can easily walk around the gym.

Towel to drape over handle bars and wipe sweat.

Water bottle.  I plan on one bottle per class or hour of work.

Something to clean the bike.  I use the disposable disinfecting towels.  Most gyms will have paper towels and a cleaner dispenser of some kind.  Whatever you are comfortable with, but expect that the person who previously used the bike may not have cleaned it well.

Bike Gloves are a good idea too, some bars are hard metal, also gloves also help to control sweat.

Head sweat band, skull cap or hat.

Plastic or grocery bag to transport wet clothes home.  I hang my stuff to dry at home.

I like a long sleeve shirt to help control sweat and not leave a puddle under the bike.  You can also lay some paper towels on the floor.  Some guys like to have a big puddle under the bike, I guess to gauge performance?

Also, don’t forget, ask at the front desk, if there is a sign-up sheet for the spin classes.  Note: some clubs have an additional fee for spin classes.

TrainerRoad Virtual Power Trainer

Just got the TrainerRoad Virtual Power Trainer working yesterday (Sunday 11/16).

I used their suggested products list and everything worked without a glitch.   I purchased the specified items from Amazon.  Garmin cadence/speed sensor, heart rate monitor strap and the Suunto ANT+ Movestick. Mini.   [click images for larger view]


The Suunto Movestick worked perfectly and lower cost than the comparable Garmin device.  The driver install for the Suunto also worked perfectly.  The Movestick is the tiny object in the white square, which plugs into a standard USB port. 

I registered with the TrainerRoad site, downloaded their software, which also requires Adobe Air.  Their install software walks you through all the steps.

Setup was very straight forward.  I selected the Kurt Kinetic trainer.  Then paired the heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensor from the ANT+ devices.   Everything worked as advertised on the first try, I was impressed.


I probably should have found an easier session to start with, but I picked Cathedral, it was tough with a full duration  2hr 40min.  Getting started you can see some drops where I was fiddling with things and trying to get screen shots.  Power output is 0, target was 160 watts.  Heart rate 80, cadence zero.


I took a break at 51 minutes to get a water bottle.  The two big blocks were called Sweet Spot which are 80% of FTP and 20 minutes in duration.  After my break I ramped my effort up gradually to that level to see how it felt.  You can see that in the data.


I ended the session after the first “Sweet Spot”.  I was able to grab the screen data which pops up.  I finished the block at 257 watts, HR 150, Cad 92 with an average of 207 watts, HR 134, Cad 84 over that section.  


The system retains all the tabular data tor the session.  You can see I did about another 10 minutes of cool down.  Total session was 1 hr 30 min, 875 KJ of work, which converts to 209 calories.


I was very impressed with the TrainerRoad approach, ease of installation and absolutely no problems with the install. 

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