‘katatsya’ and ‘yezdit’

From the Guardian article The Russian cyclists bringing bike culture to Moscow

Russian Cyclists

Russian Cyclists

The decision underscores an attitude prevalent in Russia, which sees cycling as a fun activity rather than a mode of transport. According to Kumov, there are two words in Russian for cycling:‘katatsya’ and ‘yezdit’.While the first describes cycling for enjoyment, the second refers to it as a form of transportation.

The Russian story resonated with some of my own thoughts about local Cobb County (SPLOST funded?) projects.
I think that some of Cobb County’s “bike paths” might be useful. But, I fear, that most is money squandered on glorified stroller paths, that the majority of serious cyclists find undesirable. I think BFRs (Bike Friendly Roads) would be far more effective and a fraction of the cost of these pricey sidewalks like the projects on Powder Springs Rd and Dallas Hwy. But what the heck, if they really wanted our opinion, they’d beat it out of us. Right?

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