sqlite import fails — FIXED

Started using sqlite less that a week ago. I already had the code working in mySQL, but wanted to give sqlite a try.
I published this silly error because I fumbled around way too long and not understanding why the import was failing. So simple, but it gave the following error:
SQLite version 2.8.17
Enter ".help" for instructions
sqlite> .separator ";"
sqlite> .import /vol1/fileData.csv fileData
unknown command or invalid arguments: "import". Enter ".help" for help

Running this from an openSuse 11.4 system, I had simply typed in sqlite, entered a simple schema for the file and directory data I wanted to process. Went to run the import but it failed, it looked simple enough. I mucked around chasing things like working directory etc, but no joy. Then I came across a comment while googling, import was not supported under sqlite2. DOH!
Sure nuf, openSuse ships with two versions of sqlite. Next try I entered sqlite3 at the prompt and it worked perfectly. Very fast.
Just one of the challenges of mucking with a new tool.

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