LA loses to the Kardashians

This is about LA, Lance Armstrong and it’s definitely not about the bike.

One of the people that I follow on the web is Dan Zarrella.  Dan compiles data about social web sites like Facebook and Twitter.  What I like about Mr. Zarrella’s work is that he generates data from linguistic/cultural structures and social networks, something he refers to as Memetics

Dan recently published a list of rankings for Twitter Celebrity Clickthrough  Rates of various well know Twitterati; one of those ranked was Lance Armstrong, a well-know cyclist, cancer survivor and a leader in the battle against cancer.  Dan often talks about “influencers”, the personalities that other people follow and listen to.   Unfortunately (in my view) most of the people that were ranked were people without a message; just reality-actors, musicians, etc. Only a few of the ranked celebrities fell outside this circle.

Twitter Celebrity Clickthoughs

Twitter Celebrity Clickthoughs

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It was good to see that Lance ranked fairly high on his ability to influence Twitter followers.   What surprised me most was the overall low response all these people had, <2%.    I would have expected better results for the likes of Mashable which has more informative content links rather than the reflective tweets of most twitters.

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