Cleaning the Silver Comet Trail Report: Friday 20101203

A cold morning with frost on the ATV windshield and saddle.  I needed to wait for sunrise before heading to Rockmart, fortunately everything had thawed by the time I got there.   You certainly can’t run the blower with a frosty windshield and no defroster in the ATV.

Stats for the day: 50.48 miles, average speed 9 mph.  Normally the average speed is higher but the huge quantity of debris in Polk County was a major problem.  The section of the trail cleaned ran from downtown Rockmart to the Alabama state line.

Polk County has been trimming shrubbery along the trail and leaving a huge quantity of hazardous debris on the trail.  Thank goodness we have the blower running, there was so much mess I couldn’t get everything like I usually do, but I got probably got 98% of the debris off the trail. At least when you blow the trail, what gets missed is visible and easy for others to avoid or remove. The GRITS guys do a great job of following up and fixing things, in fact I saw Junior out riding Friday and we discussed the follow-up.   I’m very proud of the work that the blower does.  Here are a couple of before and after photos.

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This is how one of the worst debris strewn areas of the Polk County section of the trail looked.  Hundreds of debris chunks that are a serious hazard to bike and rider.

Debris on the Silver Comet Trail

Debris on the Silver Comet Trail

Of course the trail blower did a great job of cleaning up the mess.   This is how it looked on the return trip.  Quite a difference.

After the cleanup.

After the cleanup, note all the debris adjacent to the trail.

After the cleanup, note all the debris adjacent to the trail.

Finishing in Rockmart I get to treat myself to dinner at Frankie’s.  A good way to finish a hard day of  work making the trail safer and more enjoyable to ride.

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