Cleaning the Silver Comet Trail

I spent most the day helping the GRITS organization of Polk County cleanup the western section of the Silver Comet Trail. There were several horribly dirty sections on this remote portion of the trail, but our Billy Goat blower cleaned them up. This is a good demonstration of the power and speed of this blower/atv combination.

This isn’t a great video, it’s not easy to control the ATV and shoot video.  I asked Hollywood (Mike) to bring his camcorder out, however,  he couldn’t make it today, but I think you’ll get the idea of how well it works.

Be patient, it takes awhile getting to the “dirty parts” of video.

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This is what our Billy Goat Honda ATV looks like:

Our Billy Goat and Honda 350 ATV

Our Billy Goat and Honda 350 ATV

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